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Stressed Out

We live in a crazy, busy, and chaotic world. We also live in an abundant, nurturing and rich world. What we expect to see, is what we see. If we expect to see something different, we then see that. All … Continue reading

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Our lives are made up of moments, each strung together like beads on a necklace; they can be pearls, stones or turds. It is up to us. Continue reading

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Never go to the second location

It has been advised by safety experts that it is important to not to let an attacker, kidnapper, or anyone at all shady take us to a second location. Just ask Dexter, who is a professional interior designer with an … Continue reading

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A drunk, a small child and a pair of leggings walk into a bar…

My friend Chelsea told me recently that drunk people, small children and leggings have one thing in common: they don’t lie. The transparency there, however unsightly, lumpy and uncomfortable can be transformative. When we see things and people for what … Continue reading

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The Four Major Food Groups

As we all know, there is a balance to life, and during this time of the year we are keenly aware it can go kablouie, where we lose track of the four major food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn … Continue reading

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Laundry and the Lottery

One Sunday morning a few weeks back, I needed to hit the 7-Eleven, not in a heisty way but rather for quarters for laundry. The weekend prior I had flown out to a wedding in New York where much fun … Continue reading

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I am a counselor. I have had many titles in this field some of which are School Counselor, Life/Transition/Interview Coach, Intuitive/Grief Counselor, friend, cheerleader, confident and pain in the ass. I do all of these things exceedingly well. Much of … Continue reading

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