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Never go to the second location

It has been advised by safety experts that it is important to not to let an attacker, kidnapper, or anyone at all shady take us to a second location. Just ask Dexter, who is a professional interior designer with an … Continue reading

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A drunk, a small child and a pair of leggings walk into a bar…

My friend Chelsea told me recently that drunk people, small children and leggings have one thing in common: they don’t lie. The transparency there, however unsightly, lumpy and uncomfortable can be transformative. When we see things and people for what … Continue reading

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Escaping Boundaries

I think it was the light rain on my face which helped me swim back up into consciousness, that and the hot, moist breath in my face smelling like rotting meat and poo. Granted, I didn’t make those connections at … Continue reading

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1,582 Miles

Both Confucius and Buckaroo Banazi said, “ No matter where you go, there you are.” I logged 1,582 miles in two weeks on the road in California: from San Diego, to San Jose, Yountville in Napa, Philo in Anderson Valley, … Continue reading

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Mouse Trap

An old friend used to tease me that I got paid to color, sword fight, play CandyLand and Mouse Trap. Yea I know what you are thinking, who doesn’t? The truth is I bet most of us are playing some … Continue reading

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