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Measuring Small and Odd

Standing at a cash register the other day I asked the shopkeeper how earnest the meter people were on Saturdays. She had no definitive answer and basically said it was a crap shoot. I then mused out loud that it … Continue reading

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A Snail’s House

Many of us grew up in houses that were filled with dreams, dysfunction and dictators. We were told who we were, what we liked and disliked, what to do, say, think and feel… sometimes in loving ways, sometimes not. There … Continue reading

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Santa in a Slip

“Given a choice between a folly and a sacrament, one should always choose the folly – because we know the sacrament will not bring us closer to God and there’s always a chance folly will.” -Erasmus My grandmother wore 927 … Continue reading

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Working in Circles

I haven’t written for a long, long time. Not like this, my writing of late has been academically focused due to two new jobs. But that is not the reason for not writing. That is the excuse. There are people … Continue reading

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Club Change

A few weeks ago I got an Evite to a girlfriend’s birthday party in downtown San Diego in the Gas Lamp district. She had chosen a trendy cool restaurant for a dozen or so of us to have dinner and … Continue reading

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The A Team

In mid-August I found myself getting double takes as I sat at an outdoor café table. It could have been the three feet of bare leg that was dangling, the bright white tee shirt atop my cutoffs, the rich red … Continue reading

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