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The B@#&*% is Back

This past summer I started feeling like I wanted a change, something new or so I thought. As it turned out what I got was something old, very old. About 14 years ago this past Fall I walked away from … Continue reading

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Escaping Boundaries

I think it was the light rain on my face which helped me swim back up into consciousness, that and the hot, moist breath in my face smelling like rotting meat and poo. Granted, I didn’t make those connections at … Continue reading

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Rasputin at the table

It’s after two Cosmos, or to be more accurate a double served in a thin plastic cup for poolside, that I could start to breathe. This was not a vacation moment. This was the aftermath of a week of hospital … Continue reading

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Still the Funniest

My sister Amy is the funniest of my sisters. I say is instead of was because her voice continues in my head from time to time. Softer, yes, since her death but still her and still here. Her birthday is … Continue reading

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1,582 Miles

Both Confucius and Buckaroo Banazi said, “ No matter where you go, there you are.” I logged 1,582 miles in two weeks on the road in California: from San Diego, to San Jose, Yountville in Napa, Philo in Anderson Valley, … Continue reading

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What good can come of bad?

It may be too soon to write this but sometimes I come to the page to process, to take something so huge and so messed up, I cannot wrap my brain around it. So here I am at the page, … Continue reading

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I have been on a sojourn of sort these past many months getting ready to write a new book, which is why I have not been blogging. Ready meaning there was research, meditation which looks a lot like napping, journaling, … Continue reading

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Santa, Michael Jackson and the Miracle Martini Shaker

Well there’s a lot of hub-bub this time every year about the fat man and his role in the holiday season. No, I’m not talking about Al Roker, jeez he got the gastric by-pass done. I’m talking about the other … Continue reading

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The Joke

There are times when I choose my words carefully but this was not one of those times. I was in a car heading south on the NY Thruway with my sister Chris to rendezvous with my crazy mother and two … Continue reading

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Emily Post on Armageddon

It has come to my attention that the publishing world has neglected a growing niche market. It seems Armageddon is at our door on a monthly if not weekly basis according to Inside Edition, ABC, NBC, CBS, Astrology Chronicle, The … Continue reading

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