Life with new lemon scent and extra brightness built right in!

Finding a better mood, more lightness and laughter does not have to be difficult, suffering is an option.
Being lighter does not have to be event driven like a trip, it doesn’t have to be expensive like a spa day, it doesn’t even have to be purposeful like a walk on the beach. All you need to have is the right attitude, want it and be aware of what is going on around you. Because I am here to tell you the Universe is the perpetrator of drive-bys.

This is something I’ve always suspected but did not have enough empirical data until now. It started with an OK morning albeit busy so I was a bit rushed. I was driving across the park on a mission of mercy.  A friend of mine just found out that they can’t eat wheat products, no gluten, so no donuts, pizza, biscuits… So many things that were life giving just a week ago were gone. This adjustment takes research and patience to find gluten free options, which are not my friend’s strong suite this is where I come in. As a life coach, a creative thinker and a foodie, options are my middle name. I figure life this way, if someone has done something I want to do so can I, and if it hasn’t been done yet it’s just a matter of time and I might as well be the one to do it first. So really I see everything as a puzzle to be solved which works pretty well as long as the puzzle is not a person. People puzzles are best left alone if they are still puzzling after a few encounters, that just leads to crazy making and large caliber hand guns.


I already knew of a pizza joint that had gluten free options and I was about to make an introduction to make both parties very happy. Up till that morning I had been in a funk for a day or two and being working at trying to right myself with some success. Being alive long enough you start to add options to your bag of tricks for healthy self-soothing remedies.  They can be things like a walk, a run, a bike ride, bubbles, a favorite movie or book, meditation, taking photographs, talking with someone who makes you laugh and or feel loved, coloring books and a full set of crayons, volunteering, good music, great sex, any prayer, a visit to a dog park/dog beach whether you have a dog or not and of course a road trip to nowhere, just to name a very few. How you find things to add to that bag of tricks is by being open, trying things without judgment and letting your feelings for fun, wellness and joy lead the way.


Earlier during my morning’s meditation while in my favorite yoga pose called Shavasana, which is dead man, I had a great idea. I could take hot dogs and roll them inside corn tortillas and bake them for a healthy option. Hey, spirituality comes in all flavors so don’t judge! So an hour later sitting at the stop sign waiting to go on my way to my friends I had gotten myself to almost happy when it happened, my drive by from the Universe. The Wienermobile drove by in all its glory right out of my mediation and onto Pershing Drive,  the splash of mustard yellow and garish orange woke me up more than 75 minutes of yoga and a half gallon of tea had. My heart soared and I laughed out loud. I had never seen it before and it was beautiful. I almost blew off my friend and followed the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile on its wondrous journey of suspect meat products like a tie-dyed hemp wearing, dreaded-out, hashish brownie making entrepreneur after what’s left of the Grateful Dead.

I held fast and did not deter from my mission of mercy, now though I was laughing the whole way. I had learned a good lesson.  Yes, it’s important for me to actively try to raise my vibration and my mood, with the tools I know.  But I also have to be open to having that raise be matched and called by the Universe and it was but good. Something so small and bizarre had absolutely made my day, maybe my week. I still have a call into Celine Dion for karaoke night so I can’t say for sure on the week. What I can be sure of is that I am expecting from now on that my efforts will be matched.  For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. What I put out comes back to me, my actions, my intent, my juju… good or bad. That when I am working at staying positive, letting things go and finding options that I will be met at least halfway with what I am working towards. I need to be aware of what is being offered as it does not always come in a package I expect. Sometimes it might look like a check in the mail, a heartfelt hug and kind words, a bouquet of white tulips, or a gianormous mobile hot dog  inviting you to play, wait that sounds so wrong… ah the hell with it  you know what I mean.


About kyra333

I am a Personal and Professional Life Coach. I work with clients to help them create a life with passion, purpose and clear intent. I make a lot of mistakes, laugh, learn and write about them then then move down the road. I am a true road traveler, a counselor, writer, teacher and student who uses her intuitive skills like it's her job!To Book a Free Sample Session Contact me at
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